Why are Bat Surveys Needed?

Bats and their roosts are protected under European Law (HM Government Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010); this means it is illegal to disturb, injure, harm or kill them. Many bat habitats have been destroyed over the years, including barns, outbuildings, houses and garages and bat numbers have declined dramatically.

Bats are not pests or rodents and they do not damage property or make smells. They are the UK’s only flying mammal and play a very important part in Britain’s wildlife and biodiversity.

If your project could impact bats, it’s essential that the Planning Authority understand this, because impacts on biodiversity are a Material Consideration within the planning system. This is why you are likely to be asked for a bat survey for your development. We enjoy an excellent relationship with the Local Authority areas we work within and can provide the reports you need to accompany your planning application.

The Planning Authority may ask for a “bat survey”, a “bat and barn owl survey” or a “bat and nesting bird survey” and we include inspection for bats, nesting birds and barn owls within all of our initial bat survey visits.



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