Why use CEC?

CEC has the largest team of experienced and licensed bat ecologists in the southwest.

Our bat ecologists hold Natural England licences to handle and disturb bats. It is particularly important to be licensed when surveying for bats because if bats are discovered within your property an unlicensed surveyor cannot legally complete the whole survey as this might constitute disturbance of bats. This includes the basic internal visual survey you will require for your planning application if your building could be home to bats.

Our bat ecologists are also licensed to apply for Bat Mitigation Class Licences which is a quicker way of obtaining permission from Natural England to undertake certain works. There are only a few ecologists in the southwest who hold these Class licences.

Our bat team have a proven track record of delivering bat surveys on time and to budget, with well over 90% of our clients saying they would use us again.

We ensure our clients do not face unnecessary delays and survey effort when it is not required. We will aim to save time and money on your planning application and keep you within the requirements of the law.

Our Bat and Barn Owl Surveys start from as little as £288 including VAT and you can use our quoting tool here to generate a quote and buy it now. We’ll then be in touch to arrange your survey date. Alternatively, please use the Contact us page and we will get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and provide a no obligation quotation which is valid for 90 days.



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